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Moving to Spain is not something to do with out a great deal of though, as it is a huge choice. You must check out the nation a couple of times just before moving, which will help you end up being familiar with the area and with the culture around where you will be living. You could visit many areas and cities such as the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Barcelona and Madrid, for instance. Usually, study the city you plan on calling home and find out everything you can. This will cause a smoother decision making process and help reduce any kind of anxiety you might have for such a major decision. There are a few points to consider during your consideration, such as work, transportation, documentation and lodgings.

The documents called for depends upon the nation you are relocating from, as the requirements for nations can vary a lot. The requirements for nations which are members of the European Union will certainly be less than nations which are not participants. You can call the Spanish Consular office for the precise demands, but you need to validate this information early to permit adequate time to comply and gather the appropriate files.

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You must likewise ask the consulate about the demands for a motorist's license. You will have to decide on your mode of transport when in Spain, and whether or not you will certainly bring your car with you, sell it or buy a new one once you are settled in Spain. If you decide not to bring your car, you may have to lease one until you are able to purchase a new car. This should, naturally, be short-lived as it can turn out to be very costly. You will certainly also have to organise for an insurance policy with a local carrier.

If you are moving to Spain for purposes of workplace relocation, then you thankfully will not have to worry about locating work. Some firms offer financial assistance for such movings, or might at least reimburse you for some or every one of the linked expenses. Some choose to make use of relocation services, expert firms or companies which could aid you get settled in to your brand-new country. They can help you find somewhere to live, register your youngsters in school and generally familiarise yourself with the area and solutions. Nonetheless, if you are not moving as a result of work relocation, it is a great idea to do some employment research before you settle down. The internet is a great source for employment opportunities.

You will, undoubtedly, need to find somewhere to live. A real property broker could assist you in situating a location to either purchase or rent. If you are planning on purchasing, it would certainly be an excellent idea to make numerous trips to view properties. If you have to market your existing house prior to moving, make sure you do this as early as possible to free up the money as quickly as possible for your new home, even if it means renting a place for a few weeks.

Usually, however, be sure you have sufficient money to survive for a while, this will give you time to discover employment, obtain worked out and on a predictable regular monthly budget plan. The much better you prepare prior to the relocation, the smoother the transition will be.

Modern Construction in Denia

Recent research says only 1 in 4 house buyers would choose a house built in the last 10 years.

Modern Construction

Research published in 2013 by the Future Homes Commission shows the reasons clear and simply why –

  • Lack of space
  • Lack of storage
  • Not enough natural light
  • Poor spaces for communal and private living
  • Flexibility with the family over time.

Basically “they don't think new homes are built for the needs of modern families in the ways that Victorian and Edwardian houses were” And in many cases of new build house’s buyers are right. Riba's Case for Space report showed the size of new homes in the UK is well below that of Ireland (15% bigger), Denmark (53% bigger) and Germany (80% bigger) – and dropping

The Spanish market is no different, quality living accommodation, flexible space and storage are key things that buyers are looking for.

Modern Construction

Traditionally in Spain especially on the Costa’s older houses lack lots of light, instead choosing smaller windows to keep the house cool in the long hot summers, but now you can have both.

Cool summer living and light bright winter sun pouring in to continually remind you of why you chose this life.

So much of what is on the market at the moment is samey but there has never been a better time to have a house designed and built to suite your life style.

Whether it’s a holiday home with a difference that has that wow factor to rent or a winter /summer retreat to enjoy outside and indoor living making the best of the elements and putting that smile on your face every day when you wake up to your perfect home .

Modern Construction Pool

Danny James of Z Sanchez has been building homes on the Costa Blanca for over 39 years and has seen the trend switching to his modern Ibiza Style houses.

“I worked with a Dutch designer and built a new style home and was amazed by the fresh, brilliantly looking home we created , the outdoor space was so perfect to enjoy the lovely summers but winter living meant the summer continued all year round in doors , with the light streaming in during the slightly colder winter months. I just love this new style, it so suites Spain”

Talking to Estate agents on the Costa Blanca property sales are starting to move again, even thou the summer rental market has never been better. There are many traditional houses still for sale but with the trend changing to modern houses it’s the perfect home to build that new house both as somewhere to enjoy but a great investment.

Z Sanchez have a range of new house designs called their “ Ibiza Style “Range – prices start as low as €180,000. The pictures featured our houses built in the Denia area by Z Sanchez.




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Spain’s Northern Costa Blanca remains a favourite destination for holidays and second homes for people living all over Europe, thanks to its fabulous climate, short travel time and compatible culture.

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