Find a Good Construction Company in Spain: Your Guide to Best Practice

Find a Good Construction Company in Spain

We're often asked how you can be sure, when buying a property in Spain, that you are choosing a 'good' construction company. We are experts in the Denia real estate market and as such see a huge variety in construction companies. We understand your concerns when building and buying villas in Spain. However, take a look at our property for sale in Javea and you'll see that you shouldn't have to compromise.

Fears about Builders in Spain

Nonetheless, it's understandable that you have concerns about how to choose the best construction company. After all, you want your dream house in the sun to be perfect and definitely not a nightmare during the construction phase, or afterwards.

Villas in Spain can be wonderful. However, all reputable construction companies cannot fail to be aware of the environment in which your fears have originated. It's not so long ago that global news headlines struck panic regarding the Spanish property market and lost deposits. There have been rumours and examples of everything from corruption to complex coastal law, fraud and huge financial losses.

This puts you in a very difficult position: outside the country, not understanding either the laws or the language, or even the culture of construction.

In turn, this points you to your first step to finding a good construction company: choose one who is understanding of your concerns, and will go the extra mile to reassure you.

The Criteria for Buying and Building Villas in Spain

Whether you're looking at the Denia real estate market to snap up a plot and find a builder, or whether you're looking for property for sale in Javea or elsewhere, you need to understand some basics. The Spanish construction industry is, in many ways, no different to anywhere else. You get the good, the bad and the cowboys. What you need to know is how to find the best.

For overseas buyers it therefore makes sense to bridge the gap between your knowledge and the Spanish building industry by using local builders with an overseas input on the ground, in Spain, such as ZSanchez. This way you get the best of both worlds: local construction expertise and legal knowledge, with reassurance of your unique situation.

You can see evidence of this when you begin to research different Spanish construction companies. You should be looking for guarantees of their local expertise and standing. For example, at ZSanchez, all properties are guaranteed for a 10 year period against structural defect through the Alicante School of Architects. This information should be easy to get and provide some reassurance.

You should also investigate the firm's processes for buying villas in Spain. Of particular importance is how payment is taken. Good construction companies never ask for full or bulk payment up front. There should be a series of staged payments due only on completion of each stage. The final payment shouldn't be due until you are absolutely satisfied with your new property. If a construction company is pushing for a bulk or upfront payment plan then walk away.

The staged process is also particularly important when you are not in Spain whilst the build is taking place. When the build is for a second or holiday home, you are unlikely to be on hand to keep an eye on the project. This makes it even more imperative to trust the building company and the project management professionals. You should check that you can receive regular updates, reports, and even photos, so that you are closely involved in the process.

Listen to Other House Buyers

One of the easiest ways to get a true feel when choosing a construction company is to see what other customers think. Reputable building companies, such as ZSanchez, will be happy to show you property which is already constructed, possibly on a nearby plot. You can inspect the property and see the standard of workmanship for yourself. They should also be able to put you in touch with buyers with similar projects to yours so that you can hear first-hand how pleased they have been.

This is quite an interesting point as testimonials and reviews are not generally part of the way business works in Spain. However, seeking out examples and testimonials is one way to see whether the construction company really understands your concerns. It's fundamentally about openness and transparency.

The Z.Sanchez Way

We are a construction company who specialise in the Denia real estate market and helping non-Spaniards buy a villa in Spain with confidence and excitement. Each and every property is of utmost importance to us, as is each and every client. We combine deep local construction and legal knowledge with an outward looking approach.

In many ways, we hope that our customers are reassured that we have a large selection of already built property for sale in Javea and the surrounding areas. This enables prospective customers to come and see for themselves the quality of our workmanship and high standards, even if you then wish to select your own plot and have your own property built.

Furthermore, we team with local architects to enable property to be built to your design, whilst also navigating the planning and local legal requirements. This approach is a vital part of our service.

At Z.Sanchez, we also offer clear quotations with guaranteed completion dates. These tie together with staged payments ensuring you are never at unnecessary financial risk. At completion, the property is verified by the Alicante School of Architects (as well as at various stages throughout the project). At this point you then receive a 10 year guarantee.

To find out more for yourself about safely buying villas in Spain, please get in touch using the contact form above.






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